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I have a prototype of my product but have no idea how to get best prices for manufacturing and how to sell. Please help.

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I have developed a unique business model (and have some external investment interest already) for a specialist hair loss and extension salon.

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You should remember that you have built up significant amount of skills as a parent both inside as well as outside the home.

If your bakes are raved about by people around you and you dream of opening your own business selling cupcakes, there’s no reason why it can’t become a reality

Time out of the workforce can have a profound effect on a woman and how she feels about her career. Often what you were doing before doesn’t fulfill you in the way it once did, or your old career just doesn’t fit into the new lifestyle you have. This means looking for new career pathways and possibly even considering working in your own small business.

A year ago Shared Parental Leave was introduced. Take a look at how it has affected parents across the UK..

Changing the employment culture of male dominated industries like transport cannot be achieved overnight. But make no mistake, a change is coming

Matt was a full time Tennis Coach and played on the professional circuit before making the transition into coaching. When he became a dad in 2007 he felt inspired to start Tennis Tots -  a programme that preschool aged children could enjoy and where they could develop their tennis skills.