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What some of our advertisers are saying...

Gemma from Mum Amie

"My first experience with Mum Plus Business has been an enjoyable, simple and inexpensive one. Mum Plus Business have been very encouraging of our new venture and sympathetic to a tight budget! Esther set up and delivered our interview to Mum Plus Business quickly and just took control which was great."


Joanna Strevens Littlebird

"The Mum Plus Business team were a pleasure to work with. The competition process was smooth and professional and I look forward to working with them again soon"


Charissa Lauren Bella J LTD

“Working with Mum Plus Business has been a privilege. The team is truly dedicated to connecting working mums all while opening a new door of opportunity with community support. Their network is a great platform to both promote and connect and the team works directly with you in assuring your success.”


Sabrina Nappykind

"The team are very approachable and friendly! Mum Plus Business carried out a competition for us which was a great success and consisted of promoting daily through social media sites. Highly recommended, Thank you"


EK Buddy Blanquilts

"Mum Plus Business does exactly what it says. We at EKBuddyBlanQuilts have been delighted with Mum Plus Business advertising. We had a lovely, well presented feature, and some great tweets and a pinterest 'inspirational mum' which really touched me producing a few tears. Esther at Mumplusbusiness has been so kind and encouraging.

They are our new buddies! The BlanQuilts and Cushbears give Mum Plus Business the thumbs up. Thank you"