Re - entering the workforce as a mum: Wedding Planning

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This is a sponsored guest post by The UK Academy of Wedding & Event Planning

Training for women looking for creative career options and business opportunities in the Wedding & Event Industry

Time out of the workforce can have a profound effect on a woman and how she feels about her career. Often what you were doing before doesn’t fulfill you in the way it once did, or your old career just doesn’t fit into the new lifestyle you have. This means looking for new career pathways and possibly even considering working in your own small business.


We Understand Women, Working Mothers and Women in Small Business

The Academy attracts a diverse range of people with varying goals. One of our consistent markets however, is women and in particular, women who are looking for a career they are passionate about; but also one which affords them flexibility, so they can balance work and home successfully. Many of our students study with us with the intention of launching their own business and in fact, the founding members of our team started out in the wedding & event industry with this very same ambition. Our own CEO launched her multi-million pound business from a home office.  Almost 20 years later, she and her team are using their experience of launching their own successful businesses as working mothers, to help others achieve their goals.



The UK Academy of Wedding & Event Planning specialises in online training in Wedding & Event Planning, Design and Business.  We operate around the world, via 6 regional campuses and the UK campus is one of our most successful to date. We offer Level 3 and 4 courses under our agreement with NCFE an Awarding Body governed by Ofqual. We also have an impressive Accreditation program which means our courses are instantly recognisable within the industry.


Why the Wedding & Event Industry

The special events industry is booming and continuing to grow, with over 1.3 million business events held in the UK annually, 245,000+ weddings taking place every year and then of course the myriad of other celebrations such as birthday & anniversary parties, bar mitzvahs, christenings etc.

According to the latest Hitched survey, the UK wedding industry is worth a whopping £10 billion with the average cost of a wedding coming in at around £36,000.  Event planning was recently listed as one of the top 25 career choices coming in at number 21, with the main reasons being employment outlook, growth projections, and quality of life.


A Career in the Wedding & Event Industry

A career in our industry is perfect for anyone who has a creative soul (and creative thinkers are just as admired as creative stylists).  It is also a career which attracts people who love to plan and ‘organise’…anything.  Our industry is perfect for you if you are looking for a business with flexible hours, great potential for growth and one that you can operate from home if you choose.  With so many different opportunities across the wedding and event industry, there is huge scope for carving out a successful career in this industry and doing it on your own terms.


Being a student again

It’s education, but not as you know it!

Consistent with our understanding of the fact that not everyone’s schedule can fit in with that of a training organisation, we have devoted ourselves to offering an online learning experience that delivers all the flexibility the modern woman needs, but cuts no corners when it comes to being there to support her from the moment she enrols and beyond Graduation.  Most of our students study whilst doing a number of other things; working, looking after a family, living life!  Some have even launched their business alongside doing all of this. 

What works for most of our students is the opportunity to set their own study schedule and work at their own pace through the materials.  Our learning materials are engaging and delivered in a number of different formats and this is something else our students tell us that they love about studying with us. 



Each student is also fully supported by their own dedicated tutor, who has experience of being where they are now.  Along with their skills and knowledge it’s the experience of ‘having been there too’ that is invaluable.  We also recently introduced a private Facebook group to our students, graduates, tutors and other members of our team.  Everyone involved has embraced the forum and it is now a key part of the support network available to new students.  In fact, it is the place where many of our students are finding their first work experiences and making connections that will become part of their business network beyond the course.


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