Seeking serious Business Partner

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I am seeking someone who is serious about developing a business to partner with me on an established business that is quickly moving to the next stages. I have been establishing this business for the last year as well as raising a small family and now the business needs to move to the next development stage, I'm looking for someone passionate to partner with to grow the business further.

Relevant experience: 

I have relevant experience within the industry with established industry contacts.
I'm looking for someone with experience of web development, graphic design and/or exceptional marketing skills to come on board and create a partnership.

Additional information: 

I am looking for a serious business partner to join my venture and help develop my brand, I'm also looking for someone that has similar values and passions as myself. I am a mother of 2 small children and I love everything to do with pregnancy and birth and the journey we experience as parents.

Please do get in touch if you're looking for a serious venture.