Welcome to the Mum Plus Business directory where we feature trusted businesses. We are proud supporters of businesses run by mums and dads, just like we are too! All of the businesses listed are run by mums and dads or are helpful to parents in business. 

Our requirements for companies listing is that they are:

• Reliable & trustworthy

• Provide good value to our audience



Bloomsbury Babies is a network for parents and carers of under 5s in Central London.  We unlock local talent and resources to make our neighbourhood a great place to live, work and play.



Parental Choice provides the complete childcare service for parents, helping them to find the right form of childcare whether it is a maternity nurse or a tutor, a nursery or a school, a nanny or a childminder. We can take care of your entire childcare needs from birth to teens as well as all of the administrative hassle.