Welcome to the Mum Plus Business directory where we feature trusted businesses. We are proud supporters of businesses run by mums and dads, just like we are too! All of the businesses listed are run by mums and dads or are helpful to parents in business. 

Our requirements for companies listing is that they are:

• Reliable & trustworthy

• Provide good value to our audience



Timebanking UK is a national charity that links people to share their time and skills. The philosophy of Time Banking is that everyone has something that they can give to others regardless of age, ability or their background. The way it works is that with every hour you work you can earn 1 time credit that you can spend when you need it.  

Wenta was founded in 1983 to encourage business start-ups and to support small businesses. Wenta is now able to offer a variety of services including, one-to-one and online business start-up advice and guidance, business training and development opportunities, business centre premises and education programmes.


For women in business, using the information you send every month, WomansWork gathers together valuable training, news, information, opportunities, your events, selling opportunities, your websites, your books, job vacancies, worthy causes and networking