Flexible and Part - Time Talent

Established in 2011, Mum Plus Business is a leading UK company that attracts high quality talent for part-time and flexible full-time jobs. We specialise in recruiting the best candidates through our network of skilled and motivated mothers.

Mum Plus Business works with corporates, SME’s and charities and our partners and supporters include Cambridge University (Centre for Social Innovation), DWP and other national organisations.

What makes us different?

Mum Plus Business is a company with a social mission – helping parents of all backgrounds and levels of experience develop flexible careers. We cater for both entrepreneurial mothers, looking to set up their own business and mothers looking to return to work on a flexible basis. We offer many services free of charge and are always looking at innovative ways that we can help our audience develop themselves.

Our free services include an online collaborate program helping mothers form local business partnership and swap skills as well as a new series of workshops teaching mothers how to code mobile apps. These services help us attract a highly dedicated and motivated audience.

What type of roles do we recruit for? 

  • Part-Time Roles 
  • Freelance Roles
  • Interim Positions
  • Permanent Positions
  • Term Time Positions
  • Returnships
  • Jobshares 

Our recruitment service adds value through a multi-step process:

·    Job advert on the website reaching over 34,000 candidates looking for flexible or part-time work

·    Regular promotion on our established social media network at optimised times

·    Dedicated email to target Mum Plus Business members matching the right skills and experience

·    CV shortlisting service according to your criteria

·    Telephone interviews checking applicants candidate’s suitability

·    Detailed feedback report on applications after phone interview