Mum Plus Business offers a unique solution to help parents develop and grow their start-up. The free online collaborate program enables parents to swap skills or find a suitable co-founder. 

Here are some reasons to consider collaborative working today:

Leverage Skills

When we need work doing for our company we usually result to paying for someone’s services. When you need your annual accounts doing you might pay for an accountant or when you need a new flyer or logo designing you look for a designer. However you can offer to exchange the skills you have acquired with another company in exchange for a service.

Broaden your offering

Your current range of services may be great, but only appeal to a small audience. By appealing to a larger group of people, you have a much higher chance of gaining new customers and selling your services or product. If a supermarket only sold milk and sugar it would not last very long. Teaming up with other companies and brands can benefit both businesses. This can be a formal business relationship, or even white labelling another offering. One example I’ve seen is an online fashion store who wanted to add a personalised ranger but these were expensive to produce. By teaming up with a maker of handmade jewellery and accessories, they were able to offer premium, personalised handbags and clothes without spending any money up front on stock. By offering personalised t-shirts and bags, they were also able to set themselves apart from the competition by being more unique. The key to developing strong relationships is to find companies with shared goals, where together you are stronger than by yourself. The other wonderful side effect of working with new, motivated people on shared objectives, is that you become more motivated, learn more and gain more experience.

Create more value

Maybe you are an accountant, run your own fashion store or design company. Whatever it may be, you can increase your value by improving your offering. Add an industry specific blog to your website, create an engaging fan page, create a monthly newsletter. All of these are great ways to boost the community around your products or services and add value to your sector. You can invite CEO’s, distributers and customers to contribute to your blog, newsletter or fan page adding helpful advice and comments. Not only does this bring in more traffic, and boost your SEO but you also gain important feedback from customers to further improve your offering. Make sure that what you offer genuinely helps your audience and s useful as opposed to boring, self-promotional content that adds little value.

If you are still unsure about areas to collaborate on, you can always try talking to other parties and see what comes out of these discussions. Some of the best ideas you may stumble across will probably not be areas you planned at the beginning. Have an open mind and talk to as many people as possible to increase the chances of your success.

If you are looking to promote your busines or recruit please take a look here to find out more.


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I have a prototype of my product but have no idea how to get best prices for manufacturing and how to sell. Please help. I'm a single mom of four and just want to make money

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I have developed a unique business model (and have some external investment interest already) for a specialist hair loss and extension salon. Initially in london or surrey but could grow quickly. I need someone to partner with now and also someone to run the salon day to day. No previous hair experience necessary but could be useful!

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I am a mum of three little children looking for a job opportunity working from home. I am committed in reaching personal targets and motivated to work both individually as well as part of a team to excel professionally.

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I am seeking someone who is serious about developing a business to partner with me on an established business that is quickly moving to the next stages.

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Irina morris

Hi I m long timer in designing clothes and embroidering designs on clothes. Can offer my experience working with silk fabric and natural stones

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South East

Beau Box is a one stop shop for the ultimate gifting experience. Allowing you to send a beautiful box or even treat yourself with carefully selected products ideal for every occasion.

We are looking for product photographers to take styled product photography for our site, and people who are good at marketing and PR.

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We are looking to strategically develop the Mum Plus Business (MPB) team with three senior executives who will become partners in the company.  These partners will receive autonomy over their business unit, a generous profit share for their division and equity in the underlying brand.