Our Story


Founders Note

Hi I am, Esther, founder of Mum Plus Business.

I founded the company in 2011 with a background in Communication Science and Marketing and PR.  During my maternity leave from my eldest son I realised that with insufficient flexibility available to mothers in many mainstream jobs and with high childcare costs there was a widespread need for flexible career opportunities and collaborative working. There wasn’t a practical solution at the time which led me to start Mum Plus Business.

About Mum Plus Business

Mum Plus Business is a company with a social mission – helping parents of all backgrounds and levels of experience develop successful flexible careers. 

We cater for both entrepreneurial mothers, looking to set up their own business and mothers looking to return to work on a flexible basis. We offer many services free of charge and are always looking at innovative ways that we can help our audience develop themselves.

Our mission

To show mothers that it is possible to develop their career whilst being there for their children by providing:

-          A wide range of flexible and part – time jobs

-          A supportive network, based on collaboration - encouraging and supporting more mothers to start their own business

-          Vital resources to inspire and educate our members on starting a business or returning to work

-          New innovative training and meetups to help our audience develop themselves

Our vision

To help mothers of all backgrounds and levels of experience develop successful flexible careers. This would ultimately lead to increased wellbeing and happier families.

What we believe

The conventional workplace has come a long way in catering for mother's needs but there is still much to be done. We believe that any individual is capable of achieving their potential with the right support, resources and mindset. Teaming up with a compatible mother can help in many areas including confidence, diversification of skills, social interaction and reducing childcare costs. Partnering up not only minimises costs and maximises networking power, but also adds team spirit, motivation and above all another perspective. Many individual start-ups develop tunnel vision with the ominous task of doing everything alone, so another point of view can sometimes be priceless. We encourage mothers in our network to team up where complementary skills exist. We also know that setting up a business is not for everyone, which is why we have extended our services to offer flexible employment opportunities and other practical advice and innovative training opportunities (take a look at our app courses for mums). Ultimately, the more options we can provide to busy mothers, the higher the chances of their success.

Who we work with

Over the years we have expanded our network adding high profile partners in order to offer our members inspiration and practical advice. This ensures that we continue to grow our services and also align ourselves with the current business environment utilising government incentives where possible. Some of our partners and supporters are featured below.