Q & A: Do I need to reveal my whole idea to find out the cost of building my site?

protect website idea

Stacey's Question: "What if I want to make a huge dynamic website. I have the idea and vision as to what I want it to be but I do not have the IT skills to build it. Where on earth do I start? Do I need to go and reveal my whole idea to some company to find out the cost of building it?"

Our answer: 

When I started Mum Plus Business I had exactly the same questions as you have now. I had the idea and vision for the site but didn’t want to disclose it to anyone. I was afraid to talk about the business idea but I had to in order to turn it into a reality..

Take these steps:

  • Do your research

First of all take a look at websites that you like. Sometimes you can find information about the website designer on the company's website. Contact the owner to see if they were happy with the company. Also do some research online; does the company have experience building other websites? Are there any complaints that you can find or positive comments? Try and get a feel for the company.

  • NDA

We used an NDA which is a non-disclosure agreement. An NDA is a signed formal agreement in which one party agrees to give a second party confidential information about its business or products and the second party agrees to keep the information confidential.

The Gov. UK website offers an excellent booklet including:

• points to consider when disclosing confidential information;

• notes on the content of an NDA;

• an example of a One-Way Non-Disclosure Agreement; and

• an example of a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Implementation is such a key part of developing a business. Even with the same idea the success of a company will largely be determined by how well the idea is executed.