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Why Mum Plus Business?

Mum Plus Business is a company with a social mission – helping parents of all backgrounds and levels of experience develop flexible careers. 

We cater for both entrepreneurial mothers, looking to set up their own business and mothers looking to return to work on a flexible basis. We offer many services free of charge and are always looking at innovative ways that we can help our audience develop themselves.

Our free services include an online collaborate program helping mothers form local business partnership and swap skills as well as a new series of workshops teaching mothers how to code mobile apps. These services help us attract a highly dedicated and motivated audience.

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What do we offer? 

  • Attract applications from highly skilled and experienced candidates
  • Guaranteed minimum number of applicants
  • Receive promotion to our large social media following
  • Promoted to thousands of newsletter subscribers and advertised across our partner organisations
  • Job Posting £112 
  • Featured Job Posting £179 
  • Account Managed Service Available
  • Shortlisting Service 
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Charissa Lauren Bella J Ltd.

“Working with Mum Plus Business has been a privilege. The team works directly with you in assuring your success.”